Molenmeers - Boutique Guesthouses

Welcome to Molenmeers, a boutique guesthouse with a rich past.

Discover Molenmeers

A historic terraced house located on the border of the city canal where past and present meet in an eclectic, elegant and timeless interior. Enjoy the peace and present-day comfort in an exclusive setting and stop the time for a few wonderful moments.

Molenmeers - Boutique Guesthouse

Settle down in the indoor patio where only the sounds heard are the famous bells of Bruges.


  • Molenmeers - Boutique Guesthouse - Grand Suites
  • Molenmeers - Boutique Guesthouse - Junior Suite
  • Molenmeers - Boutique Guesthouse - Grand Family Suites

Hidden behind the facades of a neoclassic terraced house a unique boutique guesthouse where hospitality and luxury go hand in hand can be discovered.

Molenmeers is a hidden treasure along the city canals of Bruges, which is absolutely recommended for lovers of nostalgia who seek peace and the grandeur of past times.

Molenmeers - Boutique Guesthouse - Brugge

The beautiful historic city center of Brugge

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