Molenmeers - Boutique Guesthouse

Luxury is in the smallest details

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About Molenmeers

Relax in the lounge with impressive glass sections offering an amazing view on the water and release all tension in this romantic setting.

Journey through time

The oldest mention of Molenmeers dates back to 1302 and refers to a water mill on the city canal, close to the mill bridge which was the entrance gate to the city. Today, Molenmeers is the name of a picturesque street a stone's throw from the Belfry and the Basilica of the Holy Blood. At house number nine, there is a neoclassical terraced house that dates from 1840 and over the centuries was the residence of various high-ranked families in Bruges. In 2021, the current owner was charmed by the unique location near the water and the rich history of the property. After the decision to equip part of it as a boutique guesthouse, there was little or no doubt about the name.

Molenmeers - Boutique Guesthouse

Molenmeers is the property of Marnix and Antje Lannoije. Born in Bruges, Marnix has a special connection to the city. He went to school in Bruges while his parental home was situated in the nearby polders of Knokke. He grew up in the farmhouse Hazegras, which was used as a headquarters by the Canadian liberators during the Second World War. At the end of the war, the German general was even kept a prisoner of war there, so that the Zwin region didn’t have to suffer from further bombardments and suffering. Today Marnix lives with his wife Antje in Westphalia, near the historic city of Münster, where the Peace of Westphalia was signed. Or how history seems to connect everything as a common thread

Personal service

Hospitality is not an empty slogan at Molenmeers. Guests can always turn to host Sofie Swimberghe during their stay at Molenmeers. Sofie was born and raised in Bruges. Sofie knows Bruges well and will therefore be happy to assist you during your visit to our beautiful city and for finding nice addresses. She stays at Molenmeers on a permanent basis, always making her available and able to offer a personal service tailored to your needs.

Bed & Breakfast

Luxury is in the smallest details. This is true not only for our guest rooms, but also for the way in which we receive our guests. We provide an extensive and varied breakfast every morning, ranging from oven-fresh sandwiches with delicacies and regional products to fresh fruit salad and yogurt with granola. And it goes without saying that the fruit juice is freshly squeezed and coffee and tea are available to your wishes.

Molenmeers - Boutique Guesthouse

Boutique Style

The interior of Molenmeers is defined by decorator Pascale Marcantuoni. Her idiosyncratic mix of antique, vintage and modern design result in an eclectic interior that transcends the volatility of time and beautifully expresses the grandeur of the building. Every corner is therefore a discovery in which contemporary art is interspersed with antique accessories and nostalgic souvenirs that recall times long gone. A stately hallway with high ceilings and wood paneling leads to the communal lounge, which has a minimalist design and offers a view of the soothing waters of the city canal. From there a wrought iron staircase leads to the intimate library where a cosy armchair invites you to laze around or browse books and magazines, with or without a drink from the honesty bar.

Molenmeers - Boutique Guesthouse

Settle down in the indoor patio where only the sounds heard are the famous bells of Bruges.

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